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Vehicle Registration Renewals

Many Georgia citizens may be eligible to renew over the Internet. An additional convenience fee will be charged for each web renewal. After a successful renewal, your new registration will be mailed within 5 business days. If you have any questions regarding your renewal or do not receive your renewal or do not receive your registration, please contact your Local Tag Office.

If the address on your Renewal Notice is not correct, then do not renew online.

Before you begin online Registration: You will need a current vehicle registration renewal notice with a special RIN number. A RIN number will appear on your Georgia Department of Revenue registration renewal notice. What is a RIN?

If you already have current RIN you can use it to proceed with online renewal OR if you do not have a RIN and would like to obtain RIN or retrieve your existing RIN click on the link Obtain\Retrieve a RIN and follow the directions to complete your online renewal.

You will need a vehicle emission inspection for Metro Atlanta Counties Only. If you have a vehicle, or a vehicle with a gross vehicle weight over 8,500 pounds, and your vehicle is not required to have an emission inspection, you may not be allowed to renew online.

If choosing to use a credit card for payment you need one of the following credit cards:

Due to state law changes a vehicle’s registration will not be allowed without an electronic indication that a vehicle is covered by liability insurance. It is your insurance company’s responsibility to electronically transmit non-commercial use, liability insurance coverage to the Department of Revenue registration and title database. You will not be asked for proof of insurance during the renewal process. More »

(*You may cancel your transaction at any time by clicking the cancel button.)

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