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Vehicle Renewals Online

Many counties allow internet renewal of tags. A convenience fee is charged for each web renewal. After successfully renewing, your new tag receipt/decals will be mailed within 5 business days. For questions regarding renewal or if you did not receive your renewal notice, please contact your County Tag Office.

Before renewing online:
Check your address on your renewal notice. If your address is not correct, you cannot renew online. You will need to change your address on your Driver’s License first, then have your address changed at your County Tag Office.
Identify your RIN number on your renewal notice. You can also obtain or retrieve your RIN.
If you live in Metro Atlanta, you will need a vehicle emissions inspection.
Vehicles not requiring an emission inspection or that are over 8,500 pounds are not allowed to renew online.
Have liability insurance coverage. Your insurance company must have submitted your coverage electronically to the Department prior to renewing online.
Accepted form of payment:
(*You may cancel your transaction at any time by clicking the cancel button.)

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