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Gold Star Family

Manufacturing Fee: None
Annual Registration Fee: None
Annual Special Tag Fee: None
Ad Valorem Tax Required: Yes , if applicable
Required Forms:
Special Qualifications: See below
Where do the funds go? N/A
Is the county name decal required? No
Sponsor's Website:

Additional Information:

An eligible family member may apply for a Gold Star license plate per
O.C.G.A. 40-2-85.3.

The person must be related to the fallen service member as a spouse, mother, father, sibling, child, stepparent, or surviving spouse of such member’s sibling. Up to two free license plates shall be allowed for any eligible family member who resided in Georgia at the time of the death of the service member. Then they may purchase additional license plates for each motor vehicle they register in this state. An eligible family member who was not a resident of Georgia at the time of the death of the service member may purchase a Gold Star license plate.

Cost of additional plate:

$25.00 manufacturing fee (one-time fee)

$20.00 annual registration fee

Ad Valorem Taxes (If applicable)

Cost to renew additional plate:

$20.00 annual registration fee

Ad Valorem Taxes (If applicable) no exemptions on additional tags

Required Documents: Provide either a (1) copy of the DEERS (Department of Eligibility and Enrollment Services) Report dated prior to the death of the fallen service member or (2) Form DD-1300 listing the eligible family member and their relationship to the fallen service member. The Gold Star license plate shall not be transferred except to a vehicle subsequently purchased by the eligible family member.

O.C.G.A 40-2-85.3