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Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition - New plates are no longer available

Manufacturing Fee: *** New plates are no longer available ***
Annual Registration Fee: $20.00
Annual Special Tag Fee: $35.00
Ad Valorem Tax Required: Yes , if applicable
Required Forms:
Special Qualifications: None
Where do the funds go? Georgia Prostate Cancer Coalition ($22.00)
Is the county name decal required? No
Sponsor's Website: http://www.georgiapcc.org

Additional Information:

*** New plates are no longer available ***

Cost and Fees Distribution:

Cost to renew annually:
$55.00 plus applicable ad valorem tax.

Of the $55 Annual Renewal fees, the fees shall be distributed as follows:

$20 Annual License Reg. Fee

$10 to Sponsoring Organization

$25 to State of Georgia General Treasury