Plate Details

Manufacturing Fee: NONE
Annual Registration Fee: NONE
Annual Special Tag Fee: NONE
Ad Valorem Tax Required: Yes , if applicable
Required Forms: MV-9W Please refer to this form for detailed instructions and requirements.
Special Qualifications: See below***
Where do the funds go? State Treasury
Is the county name decal required? No
Sponsor's Website:

Additional Information:

Form DD-214, Navy Cross Certificate, Navy Cross reflecting registrant’s name, or letter from Veterans Administration. Person applying must be/or have been a veteran with the US Armed Forces. Only one (1) free tag issued – motorcycle. Upon the death of the veteran, the surviving spouse may request/retain the tag provided they do not remarry. To request/retain the tag, a certified copy of the veteran death certificate and Marriage License is required. Only one tag issued.

Only one additional plate issued.

Cost of additional plate:

$25.00 manufacturing fee (one-time fee)

$20.00 annual registration fee

Ad Valorem Taxes (If applicable)

Cost to renew additional plate:

$20.00 annual registration fee

Ad Valorem Taxes (If applicable) no exemptions on additional tags