Plate Details

Manufacturing Fee: None
Annual Registration Fee: $20.00
Annual Special Tag Fee: None
Ad Valorem Tax Required: Yes , if applicable
Required Forms: MV-9D
Special Qualifications: MV-9D
Where do the funds go? $1 to County Tag Agent - $19 to State Treasury
Is the county name decal required? No
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Additional Information:

A completed MV-9D form is required signed by a practitioner of the healing arts. Cost to renew tag annually: $20 plus applicable ad valorem tax.

The ownership of this tag cannot be relinquished nor can it be issued in a business name. It may be issued showing joint ownership; and it is transferable between motorcycles. This tag can be issued to the spouse, parent or legal guardian of the disabled person. Upon the death of the disabled person or if joint ownership ceases, the tag must be surrendered to their County Tag Agent and a regular series tag obtained.