Plate Details

Manufacturing Fee: *** New plates are no longer available ***
Annual Registration Fee: $20.00
Annual Special Tag Fee: $35.00
Ad Valorem Tax Required: Yes , if applicable
Required Forms:
Special Qualifications: None
Where do the funds go? Scholarship funds for enrolled undergraduate students.
Is the county name decal required? No
Sponsor's Website:

Additional Information:

*** New plates are no longer available ***

This tag may be issued showing joint ownership. This tag may be transferred between vehicles owned by the registrant. The ownership of this tag can be relinquished.

Cost and Fees Distribution:

Cost to renew annually:
$55.00 plus applicable ad valorem tax.

Of the $55 Annual Renewal fees, the fees shall be distributed as follows:

$20 Annual License Reg. Fee

$10 to Sponsoring Organization

$25 to State of Georgia General Treasury