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Prestige Tag Inquiry

Georgia DRIVES e-Services has replaced this service.  Please update your bookmark and visit DRIVES e-Services for all your vehicle registration and title needs.

Plate selection is subject to approval based on DOR Regulation 560-10-22-.02. This selection may not be available at your County Tag Office based on time of application.

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Prestige (personal/vanity) license plates can be applied for at your County Tag Office. In addition to the standard requirements and fees, the following is required: Completed Form MV-9B Special (Personal) Prestige License Plate Application which is subject to: $35.00 manufacturing fee, $35.00 Annual Special Tag Fee, and $20.00 Tag Fee. DOR Regulation 560-10-22-.02 limits special prestige license plates. Certain combinations are not allowed to be manufactured or displayed that fall into one or more of the following prohibited categories:
  1. • Any combination of letters or numbers which are obscene according to current community standards, or which includes any reference to sex, sexual acts or body parts, or any reference to excrement or to bodily fluids.
  2. • Any combination of letters or numbers which disparage a religious belief or being, race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation.
  3. • Any combination of letters or numbers which indicate an office or position unless the applicant holds such office or position, including, but not limited to an elected office, employment as a police officer, firefighter, emergency medical technician, paramedic or first responder.
  4. • Any combination of letters or numbers which is profane.
  5. • Any combination of letters or numbers subject to a trademark or copyright unless the applicant owns the trademark or copyright.
  6. • Any combination of letters or numbers referring to a crime or criminal activity under State or Federal law.
  7. • Any combination of letters or number which might reasonably result in an immediate breach of the peace.
  8. • The following combination of letters and/or numbers: hate, h8, ha8, hat, haytr, aytr, anti, ante, suck, suk, blow, or 69.
  9. • Any reference to drugs or alcohol.